Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATES are performed weekly and Monthly as they are suggested by our CSR's or "Customer Service Reps".

While our 25+ Years in the Industry has sharpened our skills and services, the Web has unveiled a completely new set of challenges in customer service.

It is our Goal to meet all of your needs! No Exceptions and No Excuses! We want you to be Happy!

Please be patient and/or call a CSR with any subject matter you do not feel is sufficiently addressed below. We will make every attempt to add that subject in the near future.

Thank You


Weight & Quality are two different things. However, the heavier a garment is, the more durable it usually is. While each Brand plays cute games with each of their products by adding catchy titles to describe their fabric weights in order to separate themselves from competitors or increase sales >> We have broken it down in REALITY terms.

We are sure you have seen them around: Ultra, Super, Mega, Beefy to name a few.

Weight is ultimately determined by fabric density, and so it is industry standard to measure 1 inch of cloth to determine its weight by multiplying 1 inch by the amount of square fabric used in the making of the full garment.

T-SHIRTS : (in our terms)
< 5 oz = Light Weight
5.1-5.4 oz = Mid Weight
5.5-5.9 oz = Heavy Weight
6-6.9 oz = Super Heavy
7 oz > = Mega Super Heavy

SWEATS : (in our terms)
< 7 oz = Light Weight
7.1-8 oz = Mid Weight
8.1-9 oz = Heavy Weight
9.1 -10 oz = Super Heavy
10.1-11.9 > = Mega Super Heavy
12 oz > = Ultra Mega Super Heavy

*While this is Industry Standard, Slight variations may occur in each brand.

PRICING - "As Low As"

Pricing thru-out our site is displayed in "ALA" pricing format. This "AS LOW AS" price is always shown in RED. This cart feature selects the lowest priced color available in the display item, usually White, then Displays this price to the Customer. Please be aware that many of our products are priced higher in Naturals, Ashes and/or Colors. White is always the least Expensive. *Note: All products are wholesale priced and sold by the piece.


At SHIRTSwholesale you are a BUYER, not a Retail Shopper.

You are focused on Price, Quality, Selection & Speed. And you know the Bottom Line..... "YOU SAVE MONEY" Buying Your Clothing at Wholesale Prices, not Retail.

Here is what you need to know about being a Buyer...

Buyers enjoy getting to know the Brands, Fabrics, Colors and Sizes. This includes Expected Variations and Industry Standards. (See below for Industry Standards). We are a wholesaler and take no responsibility for those types of order errors, but, you have worn clothes all your life so this should be easy for you.

We have done our part to put together a Line of Brands that are "Easy to Size, Easy to Fit & Easy to Order".

We know there are no Dressing Rooms when You are Buying Wholesale Apparel on the Internet. We need you to feel comfortable that we have done a good job stocking a selection that is both Wide & Deep.

We have warehouses with Sky Tram processing systems.

We have warehouses ranging from 40,000 sq ft to 360,000.

Focusing on our Customers' Needs is what separates us from any Competition.

At this time, We don not allow Buyers to come physically to any one of our 8 warehouse locations. We are set up with Low Profit Margins and Small Room for Error. We are built for speed, serving over 250,000 Buyers Nationwide and we are Fast!

We have 2,500 Products in 25,000 SKUs. We carry over 60 Brands & 99 Colors. We are Big! Yet, we serve the little wholesale orders & fill-ins too.

We are built for Bulk Wholesale Sales, yet, we make ourselves available for you to purchase 1 or 1,000 pieces at the same low prices. We are the future in Apparel Buying in the USA, and The Future is Now!

We do take full responsibility for Flaws, Defects and Color variations, prior to Decorating or Washing.

Together with the Manufacturers, We back all their/our products with full 100% guarantees.

Buyers who learn their products help us keep costs down by reducing the needs for intensive customer service. We thank you in advance for making every effort to become a good Buyer. We enjoy serving you!



  • Categories include Whites, Lights, Darks, Natural and Ash.


  • We only stock 1st quality products. No Seconds or Cut tag items.


  • Catalog
  • Fabric Swatches
  • Sizing Chart
  • Color Dying & matching
  • Shrinkage (industry Standard) Pre-shrunk vs Compacted
  • Note: The following colors listed as 100% cotton or in light cotton categories may actually differ in their content from their descriptions, in order to give the shirts their "heathered" appearance. These colors include, but are not limited to: Ash, Athletic Heather, Birch, Charcoal Heather, Dark Heather, Heather Grey, Light Oxford, Light Steel, Oxford Grey, Steel Grey, Sport Grey (e.g., a 100% cotton T-shirt in Heather Grey may actually be 90% cotton/10% polyester).
  • Oranges, Safety and OSHA Colors
  • CAUTION: Each Manufacturer may name their products differently than the street name. Example all oranges range from True, Pumpkin, Collegiate, Burnt and Safety, yet the colors may be the same in some cases.



  • Industry Standard is that each manufacturer's garment, while pre-shrunk in its own way, will still shrink 4-8% depending on your washing and drying techniques.


  • Is rarely used in the shirt industry, yet, will reduce shrinkage in half. That is the good news, the bad news is that those brands that choose to compact their materials prior to the cut & sew process have, more than likely, made an adjustment to their patterns in order to compensate and save costs on fabric.


Preferred for Dye-ng, Stitches match color acceptance features of the garment itself and are only available currently by certain brands. Gildan Currently carries a PFD.


THE PUBLIC is WELCOME, yet, must abide by the same Industry Standards set by Manufacturers for the Wholesale Trade.

Industry standards are established by the Manufacturers in order to better serve Distributors and Suppliers without overloading customer service costs and needs.

The Wholesale apparel industry is governed by industry standards recognized through-out the market place including decorating, supplier and distributor levels.

If you are not prepared to abide by industry standards, we suggest you shop at a retail store whose increased margins are able to provide higher levels of customer services.


If you experience a shortage of product from what you show on your order CONFIRMATION, All orders will be weighed to determine the extent of the shortage.

It is easy for us to determine exactly what your shortage was. Industry standard is 1 pound for a Sweatshirt and 1/2 pound for a t-shirt.

The exact weights are entered into our computers by each manufacturer so that we can assist you quickly.

While a received shipment may look like a shortage, It is also possible that your order was shipped as a PARTIAL due to your having selected ALLOW PARTIAL SHIPMENT. In this case see PARTIAL (below).


We do not do partial shipments unless the customer has given us permission by selecting the ALLOW PARTIAL SHIPMENT (button) on the shopping cart page.

If you select ALLOW PARTIAL SHIPMENT, we then remove any items that are OUT of STOCK at the time your order is placed and ship out the remaining items.


We do not back order any products that were not shipped in the original shipment. Out of Stock items are removed from your order, credited to your card prior to running your payment. Please Click on LIVE CHAT to assist you in checking stock in REAL TIME prior to placing your order.


We do not do substitutions unless the customer has given us permission by selecting the ALLOW PRODUCT SUBSTITUTIONS (button) on the ON-line Order form. Any approved substitution must be of LIKE KIND, LIKE COLOR and EQUAL or GREATER in fabrication. Our standard procedure, when substituting is to substitute the entire item all the way thru the entire size range ordered so that dye lots are guaranteed to be consistent. We follow the same guidelines for brand substitutions.


Currently with 8 USA Warehouses in 8 States include California, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington. We also have 4 sister Warehouses in other states to assist us if we are out of inventory in a particular product ourselves.


Serving both Retailers & the Public, we need your Current "Sellers Permit", if you reside in California and want us NOT to charge Sales Tax on your Purchase. This State is our Headquarters and we must charge tax to any Buyer in this state without a current "Resale License or Sellers Permit."

Current Laws governing Internet Businesses allow for us to ship product Tax Free. This does not however reduce your obligation. Currently you, the Buyer, are responsible for Declaring & Paying Sales Taxes due in your State.

Please consult with your State Board of Equalization if you have any questions about your Tax issues.

***INDIVIDUALS who purchase from us may have the same obligations discussed above. We leave it up to the INDIVIDUAL to know their own State Laws.


For those customers who do not feel comfortable placing credit card information on line, please note that our site is Secure and your data will be encrypted. If that does not meet your needs, please do the following process. Enter your order On-line and under the Payment Options select Credit Card. Then complete your order On Line until the end of your Customer Info and Credit Card info is typed in. Do not press continue, just PRINT that page, as is, then click your BACK button until your customer page reappears. Change your Payment Options to PURCHASE ORDER and click continue. You will then be able to process your entire order online and your Credit card information will be bypassed. At the end of your order you will see a PO box and a Memo box. Please use the Memo box to instruct us to use your Credit Card "On File" along with the last 4 digits of that card. Then please fax the credit card information to 760-751-1821. Please be sure to write your 3 digit code on the document. It is the cod located near your signature on the back of your card. You may also choose to mail your cc info, yet, our fax machine is in our management office only.


We are a Wholesale Distributor, you are already receiving our lowest discounts offered on the products themselves.

Further Discounts may be available for orders over $1,000 and or orders that weigh more than 200 pounds.

Orders over 200 pounds may have a cheaper shipping option than those we order on line. Consult your CSR. Example: Average Tee weighs half of 1lb and the average Sweatshirt is a full pound.

CHARITIES and GOVERNMENT accounts may receive up to a 5% consideration. Please contact customer service to review your options.


YES, We do not buy or sell seconds or flawed merchandise.


Cuts vary per manufacturer, yet, we have provided you an average age that you can reasonable expect can wear a garment on the kids sizes, Adult sizes we have provided average cut size for Body Length, Sleeve Length, Body Width, top to bottom length, chest size. (see chart below)


While different, per Brand, Shrinkage also has an Industry Standard. (Also affected by color Treated fabrics). You can Reasonably expect 4% to 8% Shrinkage on all Cotton fabrics, including Pre-Shrunk. Shrinkage is only limited when either the fabric contains 5% (or more) of other than cotton or a garment has been noted as containing Compacted Cotton. (see Compacted)


Due to the differences in each computers settings and display variations, we are not responsible for matching color swatches ON-Line exactly with the fabric swatches. If you have an exact color matching requirement, please speak with a rep or order only one of each of the shirts in question. We will waive your handling fee when you place your larger order.

You will find the color photos more accurate in our paper catalogs and may be requested with your sample for a price of $1.25, and will be included in your box. Catalogs may not be ordered without product.


Due to the price of the commodity Cotton, Prices are only guaranteed daily and will fluctuate with the market. Polyester will also have fluctuations due to the oil market. We do our best to reduce price changes to a maximum of 4 times per year and reduce daily change using the "option" markets.


Industry standards include holes, poor sewing & color dye variations. As you know, We are a wholesale distributor of Blank products, Our minimal margins do not allow us to be a lenient as a retail store who mark up their products considerably. Having said that, and in order to stay consistent with FACTORY NAME BRAND policy, Holes and Flaws detected after a garment has been decorated (printed and/or embroidered) may not receive a full credit.


We only accept School and Government Purchase Orders. Some National Charities may be considered. Funds must be guaranteed by the government.


Please order 2% over your needs. This is the industry standard and will compensate for factory flaws & defects.

While Holes & Defects may be returned for a full credit, we do not want you to be short at your special occasion.

SHIPPING "Door to Door"

Once it leaves our Door, UPS is responsible 100% for the safe delivery of your package to your door.

UPS may not ship to Gates, Back Doors, Neighbors and other Special Requests. The customer becomes fully responsible for their product once UPS lets go of it at your Door or Gate or Window, etc...

We have no way, and take no responsibility for special requests that involve DROP OFF or your package in a special location or without signature.

If you have had difficulty with UPS in the past we may suggest you call us and make other shipping arrangements.

Whatever you do, DO NOT make special requests for your UPS delivery. UPS will not do it! And, once we meet our promise to ship, it is out of our hands.

This release of responsibility applies to both home and business addresses.

PO BOX (no-no)

We understand that your Credit Card Billing address may be a PO BOX and that we only ship to the same address as the Billing Address, unless other arrangements have been made with our CSR.

While we say on our order form that we will not ship to a PO BOX, there are exceptions. Government owned US POSTAL locations do not accept packages, therefore we DO NOT SHIP there.

However, Privately Owned PO BOX companies are different. Each one has their own set of rules. Since we can not guess, the customer has to accept full responsibility for their packages delivery to a Privately Held PO BOX, if they choose to use that address as their "SHIP TO" address.

We suggest, that your city or state laws allow you to call your PRIVATE BOX by the name of SUITE# or ROOM# (instead of BOX#). We also suggest that you identify, using the Memo Box, on your order form that BOX IS PRIVATE and WILL ACCEPT PACKAGES. Without this your order will be delayed until we reach you by phone or email.


Since we are a Wholesaler Supplier to the Decorator Trade, We Box our Clothes with Printers Folds and in Decorator Dozens of 3 , 6 or 12. All products are sorted by Size and Color. You will find that, in most cases, sizes have been turned to face opposite directions inside your box.

This means we separate all according to the Printing or Embroidery industry and never individually wrap or tag any. In order for our Decorators to optimize the speed in which they finish products, most products will be shipped with their tags, labels and stickers (that you would see at a retail store) removed. Some Hang Tags may remain if, and only if, they would not get in the way of Decorating Safety requirements and they would help our retailers in their sales efforts as well.

This is an Industry Wide Standard Process. For Safety and Efficiency reasons, we are unable to make exceptions to this procedure.


Due to the unique speed and process in which our operation pulls & ships orders, we are currently unable to meet any "marking' requests on the outside of our boxes. Marking individual boxes in a unique manor would slow down our automated shipping line and cause confusion.


All T-shirts start off a natural tan color. Even white T-shirts are Dyed. All shipments received by us, for stock, may have been dyed at different times by all manufacturers. Crossing Manufacturers when ordering a color is not suggested by industry standards.


While we reserve the right to substitute Equal or Better of the same item order, We most often will swap the entire run of the item ordered for a different Brand or Dye Lot. This will make sure that all of your colors will match.


Combed Cotton is a cotton that has been further processed in the factory to help reduce shortened fibers (like split ends) which produces a stronger and softer garment over all.

PIQUET KNIT vs JERSEY KNIT : Is in the sewing Process and creates a different "Hand" or feel to the garment. We suggest you order 1 of each so you know the difference for future orders.

SHRINKAGE : Based on Industry Standards (IS), Pre-shrunk reduces shrinkage and does not guarantee zero shrinkage of a garment.

Products may not be returned for shrinkage reasons.

Standard Brand Names, including Hanes, may shrink 4-8% more depending on the consumers washing habits. Hot Dryers shrink fabrics even further. To compensate for garment reduction, when you are considering a larger size, always BE SAFE and SIZE UP.

Please note that buying another brand or from another wholesaler, does not reduce shrinkage. Even buying COMPACTED products, while helping to reduce shrinkage does not mean anything unless the garment CUT is larger than a Pre-shrunk CUT at the factory. Most often, clothing manufacturers have already compensated for these fabrics in their patterns. Going 50/50 to 90/10 (cotton/polyester) is a valuable alternative, although again, factory's have compensated for the non-shrinking fabric in order to save product costs.

Best DAYTIME Contact number

The Number you provide on your order form may end up delaying your shipment if we cannot reach you prior to 1pm, and further delay your shipment if you do not respond to messages left by our staff.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees and/or Return Fees Apply to any order that is changed after order is placed. Those fees are at our discretion and described herein, and include Exchanges as well.


Place your order on-line, Your shipping Costs and Options will be displayed prior to you being asked for your credit card, billing or personal information. You may select different options and receive different UPS costs right on line.


The 3 digit code, located near your signature on the back of your credit card, is currently the industry standard to assist in the reduction of credit card frauds. Please have your code handy when placing your order.

Billing Address vs. Shipping Address?

ALL BANKS require that you Billing and Shipping address match in order to INSURE your credit card purchase to us (the vendor)


We only ship to Billing Address "same day"? It takes time for us to either contact you or the bank regarding these orders if your "Ship To" & "Bill To" addresses do not match.


On orders under $50(You may both Return and Exchange, However, We do not pay for shipping): Since we are a Wholesaler, not a Retailer, our repeat customers are familiar with our products & policies. We service the industry and reduced customer services available compared to a retail store. The good news is that our prices are much lower than retail prices by as much as 30-60%.

For exchanges we have other options. Please see our Exchange Policy below.


Our customers do not have to wait for their returned items to be received, reviewed & restocked, prior to having their replacement goods sent out.

First you will need to FILL out and FAX us a SPEED FORM located in the CUSTOMER SERVICE LINK found at the bottom of any internal web page to receive an RA#.

Here is the link for your convenience>

Click Here to View/Download/Print the SPEED FORM

You are no longer required to fill out the bottom section on the SPEED FORM for an EXCHANGE. If you do fill out the Exchange Portion on the SPEED FORM, and you do not place your order on line for your Exchange items, your Exchange items will NOT be Shipped.

An EXCHANGE requires both a RETURN and a REORDER.

As a courtesy... During the REORDER, we will waive any small order fees you incur if:

1) You fax us your SPEED FORM 1st

2) You reference your RA# (Return Authorization #) on your REORDER in the Comments Box during the order process.

Once we receive your FAXED SPEED FORM... Your RA# may take up to 2 business days to receive by email, then please follow the specific instructions provided. Then, you may place your order on line for your Exchange items.

We WAIVE all Small Order Processing Fees if you REORDER on line just like a NEW ORDER.

Once your Return is received your credit will be applied.


All Cancellations are treated as a Return and will incur a 20% restocking fee. Minimum charge is $7.50. This fee is necessary to cover our costs incurred with placing any order in to our system. Once placed it immediately enters the shipping department and receives customer services. There are no exceptions, but, we suggest you email us at once if you are caught in this situation. The sooner we catch the order, the lower the expense.


Industry standard is decided by the Manufacturers'. It is the guidelines which all Brands follow and implement in order to service the garment industry with some consistency. There are very few exceptions to Industry Standard.


Save money by asking your local Screener or Embroiderer for CONTRACT prices.


An RA# is required to return or exchange any goods.

Without an RA#, returns may be refused or incur an additional $15 Service Fee and at our Discretion.

Complete the SPEED FORM(on line).

Fax the Speed Form to 760-751-1821.

Returns must have an RA SPEED FORM enclosed in all the boxes that you are returning, and your RA# must me prominently MARKED ON THE OUTSIDE OF EACH BOX.

Please be reminded we do not accept returns under $25. Exchanges have their own policy. This is Wholesale Policy.


Sampling is good, if your order calls for exact sizing. Since the Exchange process is timely, We will be happy to waive the Small Order Handling Fee on the Fill In order, if you tell us the order number on your first sample order in the SPECIAL NOTES Text Box of your FULL CART page. This saves time and money for us both.


Did Not Receive your order in less than 5 Business Days? Unless you were contacted by us, your shipment may be lost. A UPS tracking number is sent to all Buyers upon Purchase and may be used the next business day on (see Tracking)


Your products will not ship until we confirm that your check has cleared. Cashier's Checks & Money Orders Rule & ship the same day your check is received. Approved PO's also ship the same day.

PERSONAL Checks will not ship in less than 3 weeks. Please expect Delivery in 4-6 weeks on Both Personal and Private Business Checks.

We suggest you use your Credit Card, Check or Cash to purchase a Money Order (available at 7/11) to ensure fast delivery of your wholesale clothing items.



There is not service available at this time.

Orders over $1,000

NEW CUSTOMERS may be required to make phone contact prior to shipment if the order size is over $1,000. Current Banking Laws restrict merchants' rights, so we are unable to take such risks on our small wholesale margins. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but, this policy also protects the cardholder from any fraudulent use of their card by a 3rd party.

Save 2% on all orders

Special incentive for orders over $1,000: Customers all have the option of sending a Cashiers Check or Money Order and subtracting 2% from their SUBTOTAL. We pass the savings on to you if you choose not to use a credit card for your transaction.

Please print and Save this page for future reference.

Thank you for your continued Business. Management Team