About Us:

From our family to yours, with mutual care and respect for all...

We are a family owned & operated business with expertise in Branding and Licensing. We were born out of the Shoe, Apparel and Surf Industries in the mid 80's.

While our Family continues to grow, along with our commitment, we are 100% USA Owned and Operated since inception 25 Years ago.

We do not Bank Overseas, nor do we have any sales and/or service offices outside the USA. We feel this is important in maintaining our integrity, high quality and superior customer service levels of communication with our clientele.

We have made an effort to bring you 100% USA made brands, and at the very least, 100% Fabricated in the USA Fabrics. We feel that, enough money and jobs are leaving without us adding to it further.

Our Family is proud to legally distribute over 60 Major National Brands, including but not limited to, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, IZOD, Bella, American Apparel, Jerzees, Gildan, Champion, Adidas. Many Brands who were never before available outside of major department stores are now. And, We are Currently in negotiations to add even more.

We are closely affiliated (through family) with well know and firmly established We also bring high quality blank T-Shirts and Apparel to the market place at low wholesale prices. We carry brands they do not, like Apples & Oranges. We also offer FREE SHIPPING, and they do not. Beyond that, Please do not ask us to compete. We are family and we love them:-)

Here is what truly makes us different. Apparel Costs are Apparel Costs, yet, we have strategically located distribution points to allow us to focus on our local SHIPPING advantages.

We focus on customers who love FREE SHIPPING, and agree with you that shipping costs seem to be getting out of hand due to higher gasoline prices in recent years. We don't blame anyone else who charges for shipping. We just choose NOT TO on all our order (subtotals) over $50.

Some may call us Discounters, and some just call us Cheap. We like that. We think of ourselves as an affordable alternative to paying high retail prices on 1st quality branded clothing blanks. So, Let's be Cheap together!

Todays Plain & Dyed T-Shirt Colors are beautiful. We do not believe that every bit of clothing needs a design or branding mark on the outside to make it attractive!

Very few Consumers are aware that Brands make many more fun colors than any retailer can handle in inventory at any given time. So, they just sit in warehouses waiting for the season to change.

Well not any more, we make them available factory direct to you at lower costs (overhead) than most retailers can compete with.

In Fact, Many retailers buy directly from us at cheaper prices than they can buy from the Brands themselves. We find that simply amazing, and enjoy all our competitive edges at every level thru out the industry.

We are also very well know to many Military/Government Purchasing Agents, Institutional Administrators (schools), Church Groups, large Charities and Hospitals. While it cost us extra in effort, time and money to accept (and process) PO's from them, we always will. Not every thing is about the money.

Then-too, Since we do not Screen print or Embroider, Decorators are comfortable knowing that we are not competition. And, in like kind, customers know that their T-shirts, Sweatshirts & Apparel are not being marked up again prior to Decorating. We work for everyone.

Not to be left out, We may work best for those people (ie: James Dean) who just enjoys a plain basic t-shirt with no decorations or frills at all.

Who knows, We might just be the first company (family) to make Big Brand Name Apparel available directly to the public without a middle man or resale license (sellers permit) requirement, or out of the back of a station wagon; although we can not know that for sure, it is possible:-)

Here are more Details "ABOUT US"...

Incorporation: Delaware

Administrative: Texas

Web Development: Maryland

Processing: California

Customer Service: California

Warehouses: National (12)

Merchant Services: Wells Fargo Bank

24 Hr Message Center: 1-858-581-6318

Fax 1-760-751-1821

Some of the above listed services are strategically shared with our sister company in order to keep prices at the industries rock bottom.

For more Details and our Addresses Please see our Customer Service Link.

At last, we wish all the best to you and your families; we feel privileged to consider you part of ours.